Which subject should be taken to become an IAS?

Such questions are natural in the mind of every student who wants to make a career in the field of civil services, or in simple words, who wants to become an IAS officer. Which subject should I take to become an IAS? What should I study to become an IAS officer?  DoonIAs Academy

Friends, in today’s time, lakhs of youth want to see themselves as an IAS officer in the future, the post of an IAS officer is an honourable, prestigious and status post, as well as it can contribute to the service of the country. In many ways, the IAS IPS exam is one of the toughest exams in the country. Though the position of IAS officer is one of honour and responsibility, it demands the same amount of hard work to qualify for it. That is why it is important to study the subjects asked in the IAS exam very well.

Here in this article we will know which subject should be taken to become an IAS officer? After passing tenth, after passing 12th and then in graduation etc. we have to choose from among subjects.

Here we will know that if your goal is to become an IAS officer then which subjects you can choose or should choose.

Subjects to become IAS:

Talking about the subject to become an IAS, it remains in the mind of the students preparing for the IAS exam that they should have such a subject in graduation which will help them in preparing for the IAS exam. If you want to prepare for the IAS exam, then you should do graduation in subjects like Political Science, Geography, History, Economics, Philosophy and Public Administration because studying these subjects helps a lot in your IAS preparation. .

Talk about what is IAS, then surely you must have heard this name for officers of high ranks, such as collector or district officer. The full name of IAS is Indian Administrative Service. This is for high positions in civil services i.e. administrative service. The job of an IAS officer like the DC or Collector of the district is to maintain the correct order in the district. The district officer is the head of the district, he is responsible for the development of the district as well as redressal of problems.

The students who prepare for civil services, they prepare for IAS or IPS only, for which they have to clear the UPSC exam.

If you talk directly about which subject you have to study to become an IAS officer, then the answer will be that you can study with any subject. For example, if you talk about medicine or engineering, then it is necessary for you to have biology for a doctor and your maths and science is necessary for engineering, without studying these subjects you cannot become a doctor and engineer respectively, but if you talk about IAS officer If you want to become an IPS, whether you study with the subject of science, or by taking the subject of commerce or taking any subject of the arts stream, you can become an IPS from anyone, just for this, you have to take the mandatory exam to become an IAS, That is, the UPSC exam, he has to pass.

Which subject to take after 10th to become an IAS?

Friends, we all know that till class tenth we have to study all the subjects together in school, and after completing tenth, students have to choose one stream from science stream, commerce stream or arts stream. , after which in class 11th and 12th he studies subjects falling under the same stream.

Students who are more interested in reading usually take science, followed by commerce and arts in the same way. Now when it comes to which stream you should choose if your goal is to become an IAS officer, the answer is any.

If you choose science stream in which biology and maths come, you can also become an IAS officer, if you choose commerce, you can also become an IAS officer, and by taking arts you can also become an IAS officer.

Your stream doesn’t matter, what matters is clearing the exam for IPS, you can become IAS with any stream or subject, all you need is to work hard in the right way, which is the exam of IAS To prepare for it, so that by passing it, your dream of becoming an IAS can be fulfilled.

However, many times students are advised that if their goal is to become an IAS then arts can be better for them.

Because in a stream like science, you have to study science deeply, and in IAS it does not require deep knowledge, many subjects of arts are also studied in preparation for IPS exam, so it can be beneficial.

Which subject to take after 12th to become an IAS?

Friends, the students whose target is a doctor or engineer, they prepare for it after 12th, and give exams like jee and neet for that. Many students enrol in graduation after 12th in which they enrol in B.Sc (b.sc), B.Com (b.com) or BA(b.a) which is an undergraduate course.

Even if you do B.Sc in graduation, you can sit in UPSC exam after graduation, and become an IAS officer after passing, if you do B.Com then you can become IPS by passing UPSC exam, and Same thing b.a. is also for. In fact, to become an IAS, it is mandatory to pass the UPSC exam, for which you need to be a graduate, regardless of which subject you are a graduate.

Your 12th or graduation marks do not matter in becoming an IAS, you should have only a degree, so that you can be eligible to appear in UPSC exam, but then it also happens that if you have b. a, then because of its easy subject, you will be able to pay more attention in your exam preparation, you will get time for UPSC preparation well, and the more time and effort you put into it, the better it is for you.

So after graduation you can pursue B.sc, B.com or B.A One can become an IPS officer by doing any of these.

What is the process to become an IAS officer?

We have learned above that which subject do you study after 10th or after 12th, it is not much necessary to become an IAS. You must have heard the name of Civil Services or Civil Services Examination, IAS is a part of Civil Services Examination, which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) i.e. Union Public Service Commission.

To become an IAS officer, it is necessary to pass UPSC. In this exam conducted by UPSC, students who have completed graduation i.e. graduate or studying in the last year of graduation can participate, for this you have to apply by filling the form of UPSC. You can also apply online from the UPSC website.

UPSC exam for IAS is conducted in three phases, which includes prelims, mains and interview. First of all, the student has to appear in the prelims exam. Before appearing in the exam, it is important to read the UPSC syllabus thoroughly and read it thoroughly. If a student clears prelims then he qualifies for mains, after qualifying prelims he has to give mains and if he also qualifies in mains then finally he is interviewed.

Only those students who clear the UPSC exam, who come in the top ranks, are selected for the IAS and IPS posts. So all the students whose goal is to become an IAS officer, they not only pass the UPSC exam but also have to come in the top with good marks, only then they get selected for the IAS.

How do you become an IAS?

In India, the IAS is one of the biggest jobs, which entails great pride, prestige, and responsibility. IAS, as big a name, as much hard work, it requires hard work, focus and time to prepare for this exam, even if a student is eligible for this exam in the final year (3rd year) of graduation. But if you want to qualify it, then you need to start preparing from class 10th or earlier.

If the mindset of a student is such that he will complete his graduation, then start preparing for IPS and pass the examination, then it is very difficult, but almost impossible. The name of UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams in India.

Things like current affairs and general knowledge in UPSC should be very strong, that’s why whatever class you are in, whatever subject you study, read it thoroughly, read daily newspaper, which will improve your current affairs and your general Knowledge will also increase.

It is not easy to become an IAS, but it is not impossible either, which is why the post has only been created by the people of the country, If the students diligently work hard in the right direction, then their dream of becoming an IAS will be fulfilled for sure. Have confidence in your mind that with right hard work you can do it, after understanding the syllabus very well, decide according to yourself how you have to study in this way, so that you can give better results, because if you are an IAS officer If you want to illuminate yourself and your family’s name, then you will have to work hard for that.

Eligibility to appear in the exam

  • Graduate degree is the minimum requirement to appear in this exam, for IPS you must hold a graduation degree from a recognized university and have at least 50% grades in your graduation. In nationality, to become an IAS officer you must be Indian, also you can appear for IAS if you are from Nepal or Bhutan.
  • Talking about the age limit, the age limit to become an IAS officer is from 21 to 32 years for the general category candidates. During this general category candidates can make 6 attempts.
  • There is a relaxation of 3 years in the age of OBC category, i.e. OBC candidates can appear for the exam till the age of 35 years, and the maximum number of attempts for them is 9 attempts.
  • SC/ST candidates have a 5 year relaxation; thus, their age limit is 21-37 years with no attempt limit.
  • Physically handicapped/disabled candidates belonging to general category get the benefit of 9 attempts as prescribed for UPSC till the age of 42 years.
  • Candidates applying for the Civil Services Examination must ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions and criteria for admission to the examination.
  • Their admission to all the stages of the examination is purely provisional subject to their fulfilment of the prescribed eligibility conditions.
  • It may also be noted that a candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is necessary may be admitted to the examination, but the offer of appointment may be made only after the necessary eligibility certificate has been issued by the Government of India.